Vawlei Cung Bawlung Siangpahrang Messi Kongah Thawngpang Thar!

Lionel Messi nih Bercelona a chauk tak lai lo tiah thawngpang a thang. Barcelona ah um rih dingin contract thar a tuah lai tiah media cheukhat nih an langhter. Barcelona ahhin Messi hi kum 2023 tiang contract thar tuah dingin an sawm tiah an chim i, hi an sawmnak hi Barcelona Captain nih a cohlang lai tiah an zumh.

Kum 33 a simi Messi nih nikum khan Barcelona hi chuahtak a timh cang nain Barcelona nih an rak tlaih. Cu caah Messi nih a umnak Barcelona hi a dawttuk caah, tazacuainak um ding cu a sia a rem lo caah Barcelona a rak um than kha a si.

Messi hi tuthla ahhin Barca a contract a dih cang lai i, a duhnak poh ah a um kho ding a si cang nain Barca ah hin a um ko lai tiah an zumh i, culb dang caah kan hmuh kho rih men lai lo tiah an zumh ning cio a si rih.

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