US Lainu Katie Van Zi Nih Kawlram Buainak Kong a Chimmi Cu A Mak Bak!

US ummi Nurse Katie Van Zi nih kawlram kong he pehtlaiin a ruahnak avun Langhter mi hi a ttha kho taktak ruahphu ngai asi. Mirang holh in a vun Langhter mi asi i, A tlangpi hruak lawng ka vun leh lai Mirang holh simple te in a ttial ko caah a tanglei ah amah nih a ttial ning tein ka langhter chih lai i Rel khawh cio i zuam hna usih Share piak cio zong i zuam hna usih Theih a herh bak mi le kan tuah awk hrimhrim asi mi asi. Uar a um kho taktak!

Katie Van Zi: Kawl Ralkap nih Uknak an lakmi kongah Thawng tam taktak ka theih le ka hmuh hna,Cheukhat nih an covo le an aw hmangin duh lonak an Langhter mi ka hmun tikah pumpak in kaa lung aa lawm taktak. Atu chan cu Seh Vawlei (Digital World) asi bantuk in vawlei cungah zeidah a cang timi hi fawi le zaang tein theih khawh asi cang.

Social Media hmangin thil kan post le lehnak hna kan tuah tikah ruahnak bi a ngei mi pawl, tlawm te lawng a hngal mi pawl (IGNORANT) sinah Hngalhternka(Awareness) kan kalpi ning hi ralring tein kan langhter a herh. Cheukhat Ruahnak bi pawl le Tlawm te lawng a hngal mi hna nih lehnak an tuahnak hna ka hmuh tikah ka thi a linh ter ngaingai asinain kan Lung a fim a hau an hruhnak le an hngalh lo nak ah caan pe hna hlah usih. kan i tinh bik mi cu Hngalhternak(Awareness) ngeih asi tikah lehnak kan tuah hna nakah ruat setsai lo le ralttha tukin kan leh hna lo ah attha, An Min bakin auh hna i “Fimnak va Cawng” tiah ti hna uh” tiah duhfak ngaiin Katie Van Zi nih a vun langhter mi kong hi ruahphu le thil ttha taktak pakhat asi.

(Hello my dear friends,

I’ve seen some news coverage on the peaceful protest against Myanmar’s Military. I am very happy to see those using their rights/ voices to protest. We live in a digital world where it’s so much easier to know what is happening around the world. We will come across those who are informed about the situations in Myanmar and vice versa. When we post/reply to people who say ignorant things on social media, we need to be careful on how we try to raise awareness. I’ve seen ignorant comments which made my blood boiled but we need to be cleared minded. Let’s not give into their ignorance. Our goals is to raise awareness so let’s not reply rashly —call them names and tell them to “educate yourself.” I know we are better than that. We can do better. Instead, let’s provide them with useful information as to why the protest is going on. Instead of getting angry, take a deep breath and have a clear mind. Please use effective methods to convey the messages. Effective communication methods = understanding on their side = more help/awareness.

&Remember, words framing matter!!)