Tuzan Lei Cu Ngaih A Um Bak Hih, Hodah Teitu A Si Lai Tiah Na Ruah!

Tuchun April 28 Singapore ONE On TNT-4 Ah aa phomh dingmi Aung La Nsang le Ridder cu Singapore an phan cang. Laimi nih kan tanhtuk Aung La Nsang hi tutan hi zeidah a lawh hnga?

Tutan hi cu Ridde nih Aung La Nsang cu a ngamhtuk lawmmam. A chimmi cu Aung La Nsang nih zeitikhmanh ah a ka tei kho lai lo ti bak in bia chim cang. Hi i thonghnak kong zongah Aung La Nsang hi a ngamh tuk caah Aung La Nsang he nan i phomh lai an ti tikah a rannak in i thonghnak kongah min a thut colh hi a si.

here’s no rivalry with Aung La N Sang, says Reinier de Ridder, because “To get a rivalry, he should beat me, and he’s not going to beat me any time. … de Ridder (13-0) will be filling in for Vitaly Bigdash, who fell out of his … Getting her approval, de Ridder called back immediately, and the fight was booked.