Saya David Lah An Tleih Mi Kong Ah US President Donald Trump Sinah Cakuat A Tial

Hello, Mr. President (Trump)

Zaangfah nak tein Burma ram le an rules kong ah hin na zaangfah nak rak langhter hram ko. Kan Pastor David Lah, Canada Citizen cu Burma ram ah Pathian thawngtha a chim mi ruang ah a hmanlo mi tehte he tleih a si. Pastor David Lah nih thawngtha chim nak a ngeih lio hi Covid-19 a chuah hnu ah a si ko nain Burma ram ah cun lockdown, social distancing le mibu in hmunkhat ah um ti mi kong ah zeihmanh thawngthanh nak a rak um hlan ah a si.

Cu nih a langhter mi cu mibu piin hmunkhat um kha cozah nawlbuar a si rih lo tinak a si ko. Pastor David Lah nih lockdown hlanah phungchim nak hi a ngeih mi a si ko nain tehte hmanlo in an tleih thiamthiam ko. Hihi Burma cozah le nawl ngeitu hna hi Buddhist an si caah Pathian bia hi zeirel lo le nihsawh in an um caah an tleih mi a si i an thil tuah hi a hmanlo tuk mi asi. hi bantuk in harsat nak a tong mi hna Pastor pawl na bawmhchanh lengmang hna bantuk in Pastor Divid Lah cung ah zawnruah nak lungthin he bawmhchanh nak na tuah a si ah cun kan lunglawmh nak hi a sangtuk hringhran ko hnga.

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Hello, Mr. President (Trump)

Please have some sympathy over Burma’s land and their rules. Earlier one of our pastors David Lah, from Canada was falsely arrested because he was preaching about God to people in Burma. This was when COVID-19 aroused but, Burma was never in lockdown. Social distancing was not implied yet which means gathering in a crowd was okay.

When the lockdown did occur though, the government falsely claimed that the action this pastor did before they were ever in lockdown, occurred during the lockdown which is false. They still arrested him, falsely. It may be because the government is Buddhist and they despise the word of God so they arrested him but, overall it’s still wrong. You’ve helped other pastors out from this kind of situation; it would be most appreciated if he got the help to.

Credit: Fanai Kawllian Hnuna

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