Ralhrang pawl Nih Anmah Hmanh Ruat Loin Midang Tu An Chek Hlai Cang Hna

Naypyitaw Hrambunhmi Ramkhel Party 2 An Ngeihchiah Check An Si Cang Lai President Office vuanci hlun U Soe Maung hruaimi Democratic Party of National Politics (DPN) le NLD MP hlun U Sein Win hruaimi National United Democratic Party (NUD) an ngeihchiah hna cu August 23 ah check a si lai UEC nih thawng a thanh hna.

Hi Party pahnih hna hi Union commission branch office ah check ding a si lai i, a herh mi cazin hna cu fianhnak he rak put dih dingin thawng an kan thanh tiah party tuanvo ngeitu hna nih an chim.

NUD party chungtel pakhat nih atu bantukin an kan check lai ti ka ruat bal lo. Party thar kan si caah an kan check hmasa mi a si lai tiah a chim.

Kawlram ramkhel party pawl an ngeihchiah phaisa le thilri check ding he pehtlaih in UEC nih August 12 ah cathanh a chuah mi a si.

NUD party hi kum 2018 le DNP party hi 2019 kum ah dirh mi a si.Hi hi 2008 phunghrampi tangah dirhmi ramkhel party hna nih kum 10 leng chungah an ngeihchiah he pehtlaihin a voikhatnak check ding a si tiah bbc nih a tial.TCP

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