Ralhrang nih sing 70 leng Phaisa an fir, Minung 3 an tlaih hna

Kalaymyo Aungthitsar Sang NLD khuabawi nupi tel in minung 3 cu August 18 zing ah SAC ralkap nih an tlaih hna i tangka sing 70 (Ks.7,000,000) renglo an fir tiah theih a si.

“August 18, 11:00 AM hrawng ah SAC ralkap pawl motor 5 in U Myint Than inn ah an ra i biahal ding kan in ngei tiin an tlaih. Cun, Ko Htwa Po inn ah an kal i amah cu a zaam. A herh mi ca pawl le tangka sing 30 an lak.

Cun NLD in U Than Tun inn ah an kal i a nupi Daw Tin Tin Po an tlaih pin ah tangka sing 70 an lak. Mino pa pakhat zong an tlaih i U Myin Than tu cu August 18 zaanlei ah an thlah than,” tuah khuami pakhat nih a chim, tiah Zalen nih a tial.THT

Relchap:August 15 ah Taliban nih Afghanistan ram khualipi Kabul cu a vun laak i rammi cheukhat cu Uzbekistan ram ah raltuknak vanlawng 40 renglo in an zaam.

August 16 lio ah khan local media (Uzbekistan ram media) nih Afghan raltuknak vanlawng a phan i minung 600 tluk an si, tiah a thanh.

Hi vanlawng pawl hi, helicopter 26, vanlawng hme mi 21 an si. Helicopter 26 hi Mi-17 ti mi 16, Mi-25 ti mi 5 le UH-60 phun 5 an si. Vanlawng hme mi 21 ah hin C-208 phun 11 le A-29 an si.

An Afghan pilot conducts training in an A-29 Super Tucano over Kabul, Afghanistan as part of the Train Advise and Assist Command’s (TAAC-Air) mission on Dec. 20, 2018. The mission of TAAC-Air is to train, advise and assist Afghan partners to develop a professional, capable and sustainable Afghan Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Maygan Straight) #Ref Janes/The Wall Street Journal

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