Lailengpi Airport Cu An Dih Deng Cang!

Lailengpi Airport hi mi tampi nih kan i ngaih taktakmi asi i, hi a tlamtlinnak ding caah hin Pathian thluachuahmi Dr. Sasa zong nih fakpi in rian a tuan ve i, hmanthlak vun zohi an dih dengmi hmuh ahcun lung a tur ko!

MAF Myanmar Nih Mirang in an ttialmi hi rel law, a tanglei ah Lai holh i lehmi a um lai!

At the end of April, the Lailenpi airstrip project overall completion reached to 70%. A significant milestone has been achieved by completing the majoirty of excavation and now progressing onto the paving works. The construction team is working hard before the rain hit hard.

April thla dongh ahcun, Lailenpi Airstrip Project cu a dihlak ah 70% cu a dih cang. A hmun i leileh le kalnak remh kongah tampi a dih cang. A satu hna Construction Team zong fak piin an tuan ruahni a surh hlanah!

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