Good News: Yaw PDF Le Mindat CDF Nih Ralhrang 35 An Thah Hna.

Yaw PDF Le Mindat CDF Nih Ralhrang 35 An Thah Hna. September 12 zinglei nazi 2 hrawng in Gangaw peng Minzua sakhan cu Yaw PDF le Mindat CDF i fonh in an luh hnawh i an laak i Police minung 5 thah an si.

Ralhrang nih sakhan um an hawi le cu bawmh ding in an rak fuh hna i an mah tu minung 30 thah an si. An dihlak in minung 35 thah an si. Yaw PDF le Mindat CDF lei in minung 3 hliam an tuar i an nunnak caah thinphan ding a um lo tiah Yaw DPD nih cathanh a chuah.The Thantlang Times

Relchap: CNA le CDF-Thantlang nih Lungler sakhaan an lak, 12 an thah hna i hriamnam an lakpiak hna; September 12| CNA le CDF-Thantlang minung 200 hrawng nih Lungler sakhaan an kah, minung 12 an thah hna, an hriamnam an lak i an sakhaan mei in an khangh.



September 10 thok in Lungler sakhaan hi kah hram an thok nain SAC ralkap lei nih vanlawng an hman caah CDF-Thantlang pawl hnu an pil.


September 11, 7:45 PM ah minung 400 hrawng nih an kah than i zaan 9:30 PM ah sakhaan cu an lak. SAC ralkap 12 an thi, an hriamnam an lak pin ah sakhaan mei in an khanghpiak hna. CDF-Thantlang lei in minung 8 an i hliam, tiah CDF-Thantlang nih cathanh an chuah.

Chinland Defense Force-Thantlang

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