Election Ningcang Loin A Tuahtu Whistleblower Cu An Kawl Cang Hih

North Carolina Venture Capitalist Fred Eshelman nih Trump nih vote hman tein hmuh a si khawhnak hnga caah tiin (True the Vote) $ 2.5 Million phaisa a hlut. Asinain an i timh ning bantuk in election a si kho lo. Thil dik lo tamtuk a um.

Venture Capitalist nih Battle ground state ah Trump Legal Team pawl nih lawsuit an tuahmi kongah buainak a van chuah pi tu Whistleblowers cu kawl i, hmuh dingin biakamnak an tuah cang.

Hi organization ah an hruaitu nu pakhat Catherine Engelbrecht, Fred Eshelman, 71 Carolina venture capitalist pharamceutical commpanies nih True teh Vote caah $ 2.5 million a hlut cang.

Donald Trump a sungh khawhnak hnga caah tiin thil fihnung tuk an tuahmi ruangah hi vilate an theih khawh thannak hnga caah a hlut mi a si.

Tunai te Election fraud hmuh hlan ah Democrats le nih evidence cu hmuh i tim loin Court ah Trump team pawl lawsuit thah piak an si lengmang cang.

(Catherine Engelbrecht- She said they planned to ‘aggregate and analyze data to identify patterns of election subversion and file lawsuits in federal court with capacity to be heard by the supreme court of the United State’ ) Credit: Thechinnews/Info