Drone In An Ngiat Hnu Ah, RPG Le Sniper An Hmang! A Poi Taktak

Nihin Zinglei ah Kalaymyo Peng ah Kadohnak aa Thawk Than! Nihin (July 16) zinglei sml. 6:00 hrawng in Kalaymyo nithlanglei ah a ummi khuate pawl ah SAC ralhrang le PDF karlak kahdohnak aa thawk tthan.

Nizaan zong ah kap hnih kahdohnak a um i PDF in minung pahnih le khuami pahnih an nunnak a liam. SAC ralhrang lei in minung 17 an thi tiah Kalay-PDF nih thawng an chuah.

SAC ralhrang nih Drone in PDF pawl an umnak hmunhma an ngiat hna i, RPG le Sniper Rifle pawl in an kah hna. Nihin zinglei ah aa thawk tthanmi kahdohnak thil sining kong he pehtlai in thanwgpang fiang in theih a si rih lo. Credit: The Chin Journal

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