DR. SaSa Nih Covid-19 Dohnak Caah A Tuahmi Hi A Ropui Ko!

Chin pa Sibawi Dr.Sa Sa hi uar a um kho tuk e. Chinstate i Coronavirus lak i kan him khawh nak hnga biatak tein rian tuan cang. Dr.Sa Sa hi miphun caah a tha hnem tuk. Uar a um tuk. Tunai te khan hi ti hin a langhter. ‘ Kan Team nih cun Coronavirus lak i ivennak le damlo zohnak (prevention, detection and response centre) Lailenpi ah kan hun cang. Tubantuk vawleicung virus ruang i buai lio caan ah hin khua te ummi hna caah kan tuah khawh dihlak tuah dingin kan i zuam cuahmah tiah a langhter.

‘Chin State i khuate tampi ah Coronavirus kong theih herh ca (statement) le ralrinnak zong kan tial. Khuate pawl ah hin Post office a um lo caah kan rianttuantu pawl anmah bak nih hi ca hi an kalpi ‘tiah a langhter. Dr.Sasa hi Chin miphun caah a thahnem kho tuk. Uar a um kho tuk e. Bawipa nih lam hruai chin seh! Mirang in hi ti hin a langhter.

An update from Dr Sasa:

“Our team have set up a #Coronavirus prevention, detection and response centre has been set up in Lailenpi. We have been doing everything we can to help these rural and remote villagers to prevent, detect and response Coronavirus in the region in this very dark times.

We have written Coronavirus awareness letters and statements about #Covid-19 to our Community Health Workers and Traditional Birth Attendants who are working across many remote villages in Chin State. Since these rural villages have no post offices, our staff members on the ground have carried these letters along with brochures to these hard to reach villages.” We are so grateful for your support which is allowing us to continue this vital work in such a difficult time.

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