Dr. Sasa Kan In Lawmhpi Tuk! Lawmhpi Phu Taktak Na Si!

Lawmhpi awk an tlak kho tuk hringhran. Fimcawn nak lei ah kan Chin mi chung in hlawhtlin nak an hmuh tikah hin cun lawmhpi awk an tlak tuk hringhran. Dr. Sa Sa nih a zohkhanh mi hna minung pathum nih China (Tuluk) ram Ningxia Medical University ah siilei cawnnak a ngei mi hna minung pathum nih MBBS hlawhtling tein boih an lak khawh cang tiah Dr. Sa Sa nih a facebook ah a rak tial.

MBBS boih a la mi hna hi 1. Dr. Bei Cho Chai (MBBS) 2. Dr. Nung Za Lian (MBBS), 3. Dr, Meipaw Rokye (MBBS) hna hi an si. Nihin tiang ah Dr. Sa Sa zohkhanh nak le bawmhnak thawng in Chin mino minung 90 nak tlawm lo nih vawlei cung ram ngan ah Sii lei Doctor, Engineer le Political lei nih fimcawn nak boih zong hlawhtling taktak in an dih kho cang hna.

Dr. Sasa nih English version in a tial mi hi rak rel ve.


Huge congratulations

Dr Beichochai (MBBS)

Dr Ngunzalian (MBBS)

Dr Meipaw Rokye (MBBS)

Dr. Beichochai, Dr Ngunzalian and Dr Meipaw Rokye came from remote places in Chin State, Myanmar (Burma) where they grew up and did their high schooling. After finishing high school. They did a cap year with me and my team at Health and Hope (www.healthandhope.org) when they became our students under the programs of Freedom to Education Project ( FEP) that we were able to set up through the generous support from very special friends and supporters .After their cap year, we continued the journey toward their year (11) and year (12) studies in Shillong, India where they have studied really hard. We all were really impressed and so proud of them when they were able to pass year (12) in the first division which was the State examination. It was a really tough course for them because they have to do their year (11) and year (12) studies in Science streams and in English language medium which was their first time of studying in English languages as their high schooling were all in Burmese language medium.

After year (12) success in 1st Division, we pray and pray to God to give us the strength and wisdom for them to be able to continue higher studies. After so many prayers and really hard work, we were able to secure their admission to studying MBBS courses at Ningxia Medical University in China.

Dear friends, It was again,your generous help and support, your hard working (students) that made (6) years of studying medicine at the Medical University in China possible. Once again, from the bottom of our hearts we say thank you to our dear friends, supporters and our amazing partner organisation-London-UK based Prospect Burma Scholarship Programs for all your generous support and help for the last decade.

Today (30 June 2020), Dr Ngunzalian, Dr Meipaw Rokye and Dr Beichochai are graduating for our people and country that needs them and have suffered so much for so long. Please join me in joy, celebration and congratulating these three brave, courageous and hard working Doctors.I am writing this both for the joy of celebration, congratulations, thankfulness and gratitude, and also for the inspirations and motivations that these doctors can give to our younger generations.

(12) years ago, I was the only Medical Doctor working in our part of the world but (12) years later, we have helped (10) students become medical Doctors, (10) students become Medical professional Nurses, (6) students become Engineers, many other students graduated from respective bachelor degrees in respective subjects.These huge achievements for the last (10) years for our people and country are the true fruits of hope, faith, your hard working (students), the love and support from our generous friends, supporters, and partners organisations. Once again thank you all, congratulations and God bless.


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