Donald Trump Cu Phaisa Tam Taktak Lawngte A Chim Hoi Cang!

Tutan Covid-19 buainak ruangah US ram Economy cu biatak tak tak in a tla. Hi kong he pehtlaiin Donald Trump le a cozah a lungre a thei tak tak. A bik in US Tourism Department hi tutan US Covid-19 buainak ah a tuar bik pakhat an si. Hi kong he pehtlain US President Donald Trump nih hi thil hi tuah a timh. Hi thil hi tuah tak tak dingin riantuan cuahmah a si. Trump nih idea a van chuahpi mi a si. As the tourism industry suffers amid the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump has proposed an idea to give Americans a tax credit to be used toward a vacation to help boost the economy.

Hi thil Trump nih a chuahpi mi hi American minung pawl caah ‘Explore America ‘ timi min in Tax Credit $4000 bak pek dingin ti a si. Hi thil nih hin American ram mi pawl cu an khual tlawmnak ca i an hman dingmi ah $4000 tiang bak hotel, Restaurant le khualtlawnnak lei he aa pehtlaimi ah a pek lai.

Hi thil hi 2021 kum dongh tiang bak a sau kho. Hi credit nih hin chungkhar pakhat cu khual an tlawnnak ca i an hmanmi phaisa 50% tiang bak a liam piak khawh. Hi thil hi Trump nih tonbiaruahnak a ngei lio ah fiang tein a langhter. Hi thil tuah an timhnak a ruang bik cu US ram khualtlawnnak lei Toursim Department biatak tein thanchoter than an timh caah a si.

Asinain hi thil tuah tak tak ding a si khawhnak hna President Trump nih a chuahpi mi US Congress nih approve a tuah ta a hau. Hi thil hi tuah a si ahcun US ram minung hrim hrim caah a tha tuk ding khi a si. US ram chung khuawltlawnnak hrim hrim ah a nuam tuk te lai. Fox nih cun hi ti hin mirang ca in a langhter.

According to Forbes, the proposal could give up to $4,000 to Americans for vacation expenses in the U.S. “at hotels, theme parks, restaurants, and other tourism-related businesses through the end of 2021.” “The credit would cover up to 50% of a household’s total vacation expenses, up to a maximum of four grand,” Forbes reported. During the roundtable, President Trump described the plan as a “tax credit that Americans can use for domestic travel, including visits to restaurants. That’s a big deal.”

According to the U.S. Travel Association, a $400 billion decline in travel spending in the United States this year will translate into a total economic loss of $910 billion in economic output. “This is more than seven times the impact of 9/11 on travel sector revenue,” the association reported in their 2020 analysis. Congress would have to approve the idea.

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