Breaking News: US Mipi Sinah Tangka Tam Taktak Pek Ding Kong Cu A Fiang Taktak Cang!

Hi tangka peknak kong ahhin Credit le source tha te i pek zongah carel tu tampi cu nan molh ngaingai tawn! A tak si maw si lo zong dothlat nan tim lo! Heh chet comment ah pamhnak bia he na comment! Khrihfa zong nan lo l! A tanglei tangka pek ning ding hi rak zoh ve tuah!

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin nih

upa pakhat $1000

hngakchia $500

innchungkhar 4 an a si ahcun $3000 pek an si lai,Congress nih an cohlan ahcun, a ti.”

“Mnuchin said adults would receive an immediate payment of $1,000 and children would receive $500 under the current proposal. A family of four would receive as much as $3,000. If the crisis is still ongoing in six weeks, Mnuchin said, the federal government will deliver another round of checks worth the same amount of money”.


Credit: Chin Intergration and Advocay Network of USA

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