Breaking News –Georgia ah thil dik lo nganpi a um mi cu fiangternak a hmuh hnuaah Court ah a ap than

2020 US election fih nung ning a lang thluamah cang ko ruah. Mi tampi nih US Election 2020 hi cu a dik lo tuk, lih le hlennak a tam tuk ruangah result hi cohlan kho ding mi a si lo an ti cang

Donald Trump’s Legal Team ah a tel ti lo mi, Sidney Powell nih 2020 Presidential Election ah Voter Fraud ti tehte/fiangterna (witness/evidence) “the Kraken”- lawsuit ti mi lawsuit 2 cu Georgia ah a ap than hoi cang

Sidney Powell nih hin Voter Fraud Georgia le Michigan ah a um ti tehte/Fiangternak (witness/evidence) cu catlap 104 page document le 72 page document cu mi vialte hmuh kho ding in a langter.

Thank Giving zan ah thil mak ngai mi an tuah mi alangter I, mah zan ah hin election cu Joe Biden nih teinak a hmuh khawhnak ding caah thil finung tuk mi an tuah hoi tiin a chim

Twitter ah the “Kraken was just release on Georgia : ‘Exhibits to follow. Also “ReleaseTheKraken in “Michigan’ tiin a langter.

Sidney Powell nih a chim ning a cun, China le Iran nih voting system cu an control I, Georgia ah Joe Biden nih votes 96,000 a hmuh mi cu dik lo ngai in rel a si tiin a langter. A court documents a langter ning a cun, “‘The scheme and artifice to defraud was for the purpose of illegally and fraudulently manipulating the vote count to make certain the election of Joe Biden as the president of the United States,’ “.

Georgia ah Dominion Voting Systems & Smartmatic companies pawl nih software le hardware nh vote rel lio ah Alert a tuah kho tiin a langter chap. Georgia ah votes thlak hmasa 20,311 absentee nih a hnuah vote an thlak thlang tiin a langter

Michigan case, ah Powell nih Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, & the Michigan board of state canvassers lakah taza cuainak an ap, “election fraud” tampi a um tiin a langter

Sidney Powell hi kum 65 a si cang i, Raleigh, North Carolina mi a si, Dallas ah law practice tawn mi a si, AON ah heh tiah thil dik lo a um tiah athei mi kong a chim tawn. Source-AON