Breaking News: Aung La Nsang Covid-19 Positive A Si

Vawlei cung ram ah Myanmar miphun le ram hmai hngal ter tu MMA vuakthiam Aung La Nsang cu COVID-19  positive a si nak kong amah pumpak nih a facebook a rak langhter. Khrihfa tha a si I Pathian a bochan mi zong a si caah damnak ngeitu Pathian nih damnak tling pethan ko seh.

Hi kong he pehtlai in Aung La Nsang nih a rak tial mi cu “Hawikawm dawt le chungkhar hna Monday ah khan check up ka tuah I nihin ah ka result cu a chuak. Cu result a chuak mi ah cun kei cu Covid-19 positive ka si. Cu ruang ah kei le ka chungkhar hna cu ni 14 chung quarantining in kan um a herh cang.  Khuh khuh, taklinh le takthah dah ti lo cu ka tha rih ko. Asinain mi vantha ngai ah ka ruah mi pakhat cu ka chungkhar hi an dihlak in dam tein an um lio a si’ tiah Aung La Nsang nih cun tunai teah a Facebook ah a rak tial.

Atang hi Aung La Nsang nih a Facebook ah a tial mi a si.

Dear family and friends, I got tested for covid-19 on Monday and the result came back today and I am positive. So my family and I will be quarantining ourselves for the next 14 days. I had a slight fever, congestion, body ache and fatigue on the first two days. Besides that I am blessed that my whole family is doing well. We are really in this together and we will get over this.

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