A Tha Kho Tuk Ee; Kan Zapi Tein Kan Itel Cang Caah A Hlawh Tlingmi Dothlennak A Si!

March 20 cu Chin miphun dothen nakni asi. Kan dothlen nak hi Mipi dothlennak asi I; Democracy le Federal phung in ai uk miram, Miphun vialte tlukruan rak, Mah miphun kong ah mahte khuakhan lairel nak kha mah le miphun cio nih ineih nak ram kha ser kan duh mi asi.

2021 Chin Miphun Dothlen nak hi sullam a nei khun. Zeicatiah Vawlei cung Chin miphun vialte lungrual te in hi dothlen nak ah kan itel dih kum le can asi. Kan zapi te in kan itel cang caah kan dothlennak cu hlawh atling mi dothlen nak asi. TEINAK CU MIPI TA ASI. KAN TEI CANG!

March 20 is Chin National Revolution day. The People’s Revolution; to restore a political system of Democracy and Federalism that guarantee Ethnic Equality, Self Determination in each member National State in the Union. History favour us and we are winning this revolution because the people rise up and claimed their rights. Credit: Salai Bawi Lian Mang