A Sunglawi Tuk Ee! Manny Pakio (Pacquiao) Nih Kan Ram Caah Thla A Cam!

Vawleicung Boxing thonghthiam, minthang a simi, Pathian a tihzah taktak mi le Pathian saltha a simi Manny Pacquiao nih Kawlram mipi an kan dirkamhnak cu hmanthlak he a langhter lawng si loin, Kawlram mipi caah a thlacamnak, thlacam piak an kan timh mi pawl zong a tarlangh.

Tutan ah a bik in Bomb puahnak in a thimi Keith Absalon (kum 21), EFU football Player le, Tuksapur thahnak a tuar mi Kawlram mipi caah a ngaihchiatnak, a dirkamh ve nak, Thlacam piak nak kong a tarlangh hi asi.

Manny Pacquiao nih atial mi “As I am about to have my evening prayers with my family, I learned of the death of Kieth Absalon, 21 year old FEU football player who died in Masbate from a landmine as well as the countless deaths in the ongoing civil war in Myanmar. It saddens me of the numerous senseless deaths across the world of our youth, our future. I ask that today, we all come together and pray for peace. Peace in the Philippines, in Myanmar and across the world. I remember a portion of the lyrics from John Lennon’s song, Imagine: Imagine all the people Living’ life in Peace” tiah a tial.

Cun a chung i hmanthlak kan tarlangh zong hi a mah Manny Pacquiao nih a pumpak social media cahmaih ah a tarlangh mi asi. Credit: VOM

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